VISION: “Towards a Sustainable Humanistic and Just Society based on the principles of Love, Peace, Justice, Equality and Fraternity”.

MISSION: “To restore the lost human dignity and human rights of the poor and the marginalized through a participatory process; so that they bring about basic changes in Socio- Economic, Political and Cultural realms including Internal & External and Personal & Societal spheres of Human Kind”.


  • Analytical studies to be made available and used for the development of the identified target people.
  • Need based groups (Sangams) to be formed.
  • People to plan and to implement for their own transformation.
  • Instilling social concern and social responsibility among the people.
  • Special intervention plans be designed to improve the status of Children, Women, Fish Vendors, Cobblers, Children, Physically and Mentally challenged people ( Differently able persons), Scheduled castes, Scheduled tribes, etc.
  • Promote higher education with well planned intervention.
  • Availing information on the government welfare schemes and the ways to benefit them.
  • Self-employment opportunities to be made available.
  • Promote small scale industries.
  • Organize and encourage the agricultural labourers, fish vendors, artisans and construction works to participate in their respective government sponsored social welfare boards.
  • Encourage and promote active participation of men and women in democratic structures like Panchayats institutions.
  • Special target based groups be formed to approach the government to avail the benefits of all the public facilities and infrastructure necessary for better living condition.
  • Encourage people to participate in Self Help Groups (SHG).
  • Encourage and promote public reading rooms (library) and communication facilities.
  • Provide carrier guidance to choose job oriented professional studies.
  • Better Housing, Sanitation, Water and Electricity for all.
  • Increase the awareness on Sanitation, Environment and Ecology.
  • To promote organic farming and bio composed manure
  • Spread and promote the use of traditional medical practices like Sidda, Ayurvedic, Unani and Naturopathy.
  • Awareness education on changing socio, economic political and cultural situations
  • Introduce and promote counseling courses and family counseling.
  • To respond to the needs of the people according to the need of the hour.